Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Way It Was

90 acres-web

 90 acres-Left90 acres-right-
Journaling reads:
In 1964 Bob purchased 90 acres of property in Lewisville. 
The propery had several old buildings still on it. An old log house, a shed and
a barn.  All were built between 1850 and 1900. They were built down in a
valley , dismantled and each piece numbered and brought up to the
top of the hills and rebuilt . If you look inside the barn you can see the
original large logs that were used for the foundation and supporting
structures. Bob kept the structures as long as he could. The barn
eventually feel down and had to be removed. He sold the property
recently and the new owner took down the log house.
Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and informative, love the photos, the journaling card is so sweet with the daisy. What a wonderful way to memorialize these buildings.

Pat said...

Great story & love the background!! Amazing work.