Monday, May 31, 2010


I hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day. Please remember to think of all of those who have served in the Armed Forces, died or have been injured fighting for our freedoms today.
Here are two layouts I have done the past couple of days. The first one is about the Tee Shirt my grandchildren gave Becky for Mother's Day. Jeremy took them out and had this made with their handprints on the shirt!

This next layout is of my grandaughter and her friend playing in ther pool in our backyard this week. I think they were having some fun!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Very Special Day!

This Mother's Day was a very special one for all of us, but especially daughter Becky! This year grandaughter Maggie is in kindergarten. She made her mother a beautiful present at school for her special day! Then she and her brother made cards at my house for her also. When Becky got to my house to pick the children up Maggie could not wait to give her mom the gift and card. The very special part of the gift was when Maggie READ her card to her Mom- a first!!!!!!!! Maggie is so proud that she can READ!!!!! We are very excited for her also! She does a very good job! So here's the layout to commerate that very special moment!

I will be adding at least one more layout regarding my dear grandchildren's special gifts for Mother's Day as I will be doing a layout with Bobby's also!
Thanks so much for taking some of your time to visit Gramma's Happy Place!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a beautiful day we are having!

The sun is shining and it has warmed up to the 60's! I have lilacs outside my front door and opened the window and it smells so good in here!

I scrapped some yesterday and finished a couple of layouts!

This one was for a challenge where I could only use these colors-the first lap of my first NASCAR race! Bristol Motor Speedway is in Bristol Tennessee. Had a really good time at the race-will be posting more layouts from there.

This next one is for a challenge to scrap something new to you-so my new camera Bob gave me for Mother's Day! I am sure it will take a lot of photos for me to scrap in the future!

Hope you have a great weekend and stop back anytime!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Saturday to one and all!

Wow I can't believe I haven't been here for a week! I was busy babysitting the grandchildren this week and we were outdoors most of the time! Finally got that Bobby potty-trained! Whew!!!!!

Fianlly got to scrap an little-actually I was working on a couple layouts but kept changing them. Here's one I did for the BladeMasters challenge over at Ch{all}enge Masters that had to have a silhouette and decorative edge on the photo mat.

Hopefully I will get more accomplished as I plan on scrapping all day today! Oh the baby birds are on their own already and I only got a snapshot of one of them-but mom & dad were busy mating all afternoon yesterday so we will have another batch soon! LOL!!!! :):):)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Celebrations!

Good Morning! Hope you all had a very wonderful Mother's Day! I know I did! My sweet Bob gave me a new 12x zoom fuji camera, Becky's family gave me a yummy brunch and scrapping goodies-I will take a photo and post it of the very cool pencil jar that my sweet grandchildren made for me! Then Kellie & Ed made a yummy dinner for Becky and I so we did not have to cook! They also gave me flowers and a gift card to Two Peas! Below is family photo we got yesterday came out well I think!!! It was a wonderful day!
Here's a layout I did of the azaleas in my backyard-and I know it's bright but that's how bright they are! There's a little bee hidden in one of those photos if you want to find it!!!
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cool Saturday Morning!

Good Saturday morning. Hope you are having a great weekend. I got to spend some time in my scraproom the past couple of days and did get a couple of projects accomplished! I have 2 layouts to post and I made some really great cards, which I will have to post later so the recipients don't see them!
This first one is the Azaleas in my yard-they are so beautiful this year! This is mostly Sassafras Lass product.
The second one is pretty self explanatory-Home Sweet Home. I love the spring when everything outdoors is fresh and new!!! The colors are so fantastic! Just had to scrap these. Hope you have
have a wonderful day! Come back soon!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Monday Morning!

Such a beautiful morning! More like summer then spring-already 65 degrees! We have baby birds in our birdhouse-you can hear them chirping away! The mom & dad birds are wearing themselves out keeping the babies fed! LOL!!! My azaleas are beautiful this spring-have photos I will post later!

We just finished National Scrapbooking Day weekend! What a busy time! Over at Two Peas the Calender Girls had 275 posts on Saturday & Sunday! Whew-a lot of praising was done! They wore me out! It was fun though and a lot of beautiful work was displayed! Ch{all}enge Masters had a three day event, and there is a lot of beautiful work dispalyed there also. I plan on praising over there today!
Here's a project I posted yesterday for challenge to use your stash-I don't have much as I have only been scrapping for 18 months! It's the neighbors kitty!
Here's some photos of my azaleas-just photos not layouts!

Thanks for stopping by and come back again real soon! I so appreciate your comments and want to thank you for taking your time to leave them!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Nsd to one and all!

Well it's finally here! We get to scrap our hearts out today! There are challenges going on everywhere! Need to decide what my layouts all fit so I get credit in all the right places.
My little grandson fell last night and took a chunk out of his head-had to get seven stitches! So my first layout today is about him-on a happier day!

Here's a layout of his sister Maggie on Easter at Aunt Kellie's house hunting eggs-and she found a bunch!!!Hope you enjoyed your little visit-I did! You come back real soon now!