Thursday, October 3, 2013

So Very Thankful

Finally getting last week’s lesson for the class I am taking with Maggie.

So Very Thankful-web

Maggie is thankful for her dog, her family, her paints, and whoever made sweets! My journaling to her says:

I am thankful for your creative spirit. You have always loved coloring drawing, finger painting...anything where you could create a picture. I have many pictures of your chalk art. You even left me a message on the driveway that you had stopped while I was away.

I am thankful for your imaginative spirit also.  You can be a princess one minute and a super hero the next.  You always make little objects  into whatever you want them to be. You always love  it when I make up a story for you at bedtime when you spend the night.

I am thankful for you. You are my first grandchild, and I waited a long time for you to arrive. I am thankful for your pretty smile,
your unconditional love, the way you always run to meet me, even though you saw me the day before. I am thankful for getting to cook
and bake. with you. You truly are a gift.

Thanks for looking


Pat said...

Great job from both of you!!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for Maggie as she surprises me every day! Love the layout - especially the part about the sweets! She doesn't have a sweet tooth - she has a whole mouth full of them! Enjoying these layouts!

Kelly R said...

This is so sweet Cindy! You both do have some much to be thankful for. She will cherish this even more when she looks back over this when she is older. Great memories you are creating together.