Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Grandson

When I saw this photo I knew, when I found this poem I knew!  They were meant to be together!

The poem reads:
Let me tell you about my grandson.
'Do you have all day'?
For once I get started,
there's so much I have to say!
If asked to describe him,
well, it's very easy to do.
For he's the kind of boy,
that endears himself to you!
He's warm, gentle and verykind,
with a wonderful wit and a verykeen mind!
A heart that's made out of gold,
always polite and never bold.
He can charm the birds right out ofthe trees
and possesses so many,fine qualities!
To sum it up, I'd have to say,
he's a wonderful boy in every way!

The poem is by Audrey Heller and I altered it slightly.
Products used are by Jana Morton, Katie Pertiet, Erica Zwart,
E. Merrit, B Bonn and Pattie Knox-retired. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summit County Fair 2014

We took the grandchildren to the fair this year! We did visit the barns and saw all the animals  but that will be on another page! The kids sure enjoyed riding the rides! We hope you enjoy the photos!

summit county fair

Products used are by Jana Morton, and  Erica Zwart. Thanks for looking.

Back to School 2014-2015

Celebrating the grands first day of school for this year! Maggie is in fifth grade-already! Bobby is starting third. Hope they have a wonderful year.

I used the poster edge filter on the background photos for a sketchy look to them.  Products used are by : Katie Pertiet, Lynne Grieveson, Jana Morton, Kim Jensen, and Patti Knox . Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Behold the Beauty


AASPN_ArtPlayPaletteWilderness_Brush1.png copy
IMG_5776.JPG copy
IMG_5776.JPG copy 2
IMG_5782.JPG copy 2
IMG_5782.JPG copy 3
JanaMortonAutumnMemories-WordArt3.png copy
JanaMortonMillie'sCottage_Twine_Sh.png copy
Layer 1
Layer 2
Stop every now and then, Just stop...and enjoy, Take a  deep br
Stop every now and then, Just stop...and enjoy, Take a  deep br copy
ericazwart-outdooradventure-dryflower.png copy
ericazwart-outdooradventure-dryflower.png copy 2
ericazwart-outdooradventure-dryflower.png copy 3
ericazwart-outdooradventure-dryflower.png copy 4

The page is about a quiet serene place on property we own in SE Ohio.  I loved the way the light was peeking through the leaves and branches of the trees.  My favorite part of the page is where I took two of the trees in the photo and transferred them to Black & White and then used the smudge stick filter and reduced the opacity to get the look of added texture to the page. It also added to and worked with the colors Anna had used in her kit.  My favorite items in the kit were the transfers and brushes. I enjoy using those items to add to the back ground papers  where I want them put.  This page was also done for this month’s Digital U at Creative Passions.  Anna Aspnes was the guest.  Digital U is a free class at Creative Passions Classes and  is done once a month at no charge.  Layouts and techniques are discussed and there  is a chat line where all participants get to chat with the speakers and one another.

Products used were:

Anna Aspnes:



Jana Morton:


Millie’sCottage Collection

Erica Zwart:

Outdoor Adventure Collection

Katie Pertiet:

Folia Collection

The font I used for the quote is Lavenderia, Behold the Beauty is from Jana Morton’s Autumn Memories Collection word art.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Myrtle Beach S.C.

When my 10 year old grand-daughter came home from vacation she let me know that she wanted to make a multi-media memory board like I did three years ago.  I helped her with supplying the know how, and products but she did her own design, painting, choosing the elements and photos and how the title work. I am so proud of her and all the work she did on this project. We have been working on the days she is here for the past week.

Myrtle Beach page 1

                                      Myrtle Beach page 2

Good job Maggie! Thanks for looking!