Friday, September 9, 2011

Journaling Challenge

this month is to face your demons so I did!  The journaling reads: 
My biggest demon I believe is ANXIETY!

Anxiety is that sick feeling of fear you get in your stomach and your chest
You feel like you can’t breathe. It is paralyzing.
I remember having anxiety even as a small child. I have it still in my adult life,
but in the past ten years or so it seems to be under control and hiding in
there waiting for a chance to show it’s colors.
My father was an abusive person-to women and kids.
That was the source of my anxiety. It continues to this day but not as often as it
used to. I have learned over the years to deal with it better then I did
as a child and even as an adult. I guess it was a normal reaction to the
 environment I lived in as a child, but not in my adult life so much as the
 environment is different. But it still creeps in whenever I make a mistake.
I spent a lot of years trying to be perfect but have come to the realization that
I will never be perfect. So I don’t try to be that anymore-Just me!

Thanks for looking!

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Pat said...

You did a beautiful job with this challenge. TFS