Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Bus Stops Here!

This is a true story-none of the names have been changed to protect the innocent or guilty! the journaling reads:  This year both of you had to ride the bus to school, which neither of you have done before. You had to wear wrist bands with your name and bus number on them and were instructed to make sure to check the number of your bus so that you got on the correct bus. We are 2 weeks into the school year and your Mom walked you to the bus stop at the corner of your street. Maggie went to climb aboard and you Bobby grabbed her and said “this is not our bus!” Your mom looked puzzled as she did not realize the bus had a number. You were right! This was not bus number 433, it was 277. The bus driver then explained that your bus was being repaired so it was okay to board! You were 5 years old Bobby and the only person that morning who noticed the difference! You are so observant! I am very proud of you for protecting your sister, and that you were doing the right thing by checking before you got on!
High Five for you!

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Jess said...

super cute layout...he is such a smart kid!!!

Kelly R said...

wow! i love this layout. the design and colors work so well together. i gotta go back and read the journaling. i know it will make me smile. great job cindy!

Pat said...

Love the color combo & design!