Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Monday Morning!

Such a beautiful morning! More like summer then spring-already 65 degrees! We have baby birds in our birdhouse-you can hear them chirping away! The mom & dad birds are wearing themselves out keeping the babies fed! LOL!!! My azaleas are beautiful this spring-have photos I will post later!

We just finished National Scrapbooking Day weekend! What a busy time! Over at Two Peas the Calender Girls had 275 posts on Saturday & Sunday! Whew-a lot of praising was done! They wore me out! It was fun though and a lot of beautiful work was displayed! Ch{all}enge Masters had a three day event, and there is a lot of beautiful work dispalyed there also. I plan on praising over there today!
Here's a project I posted yesterday for challenge to use your stash-I don't have much as I have only been scrapping for 18 months! It's the neighbors kitty!
Here's some photos of my azaleas-just photos not layouts!

Thanks for stopping by and come back again real soon! I so appreciate your comments and want to thank you for taking your time to leave them!


Pat said...

I love your flowers & the lo!!! Glad you had a good scrappy week-end. Have a great day!

elly said...

beautiful !!! xx

Woolverton Girl said...

this looks alot like the sketch on sketch inspiration. you should enter it. you may win a nice little kit. :)
BTW< Beautiful!