Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Afternoon in Spring!

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday! I have had no grandchildren or husband for the past 2 days, and won't have any until Monday or Tuesday so I have been playing with my toys!!!
I moved my scrap space and realized my retirement album is far from finished so I have been working on some of those photos! Hope you enjoy what I have done with them!
This is a photo taken with Debbie and Sue in the billing office last March Who would have thought we would have spent nineteen years together!!!!! LOL!!!! I love and miss them both!
This is from my retirement party last June-With my co-workers, Barb & Danny, Denny and Sue, Dr. Ravi Karnani, Dr. Lewis Walker and his wife Charlotte!
These are my daughters who worked so hard putting this party together. My grandaughter Maggie also. Below is a two-page layout of silly photos of yours truely!

Well thanks for stopping by and I hope I made you smile-come back real soon!!!!


Pat said...

Cindy love your pages & the flowers
you used! I'm envious of your week-end.

Becky and Maggie said...


Maggie and I just love your latest layouts! So colorful and cheerful!

You always do a fabulous job - we enjoyed stopping by!

Love, Becky and Maggie

Kellie said...

I love the layouts with your coworkers. Those will be a treasured memory for years to come. Great job as always.