Sunday, November 29, 2015

New card I have been making-

is known as a Flip-it card with the dies made Sizzix! I am loving this little card and too the free class over at learning how to use it in more then one way.  Iused it as get well card as well as a birthday card just by changing the paper and the embellishments. Here is a link to the free classes:

The upper card is what the card looks like folded and the lower is the open and the circle has flipped to a different look.


Pat said...

Very pretty!

Kelly R said...

Cindy, you did a great job on this card. I haven't made anything like this before and it looked like was a lot of fun to create. The colors are so pretty too.

nylene said...

I now have this die set bookmarked as a "need to have". I love what you did with this. After watching the video, I think I could figure it out. Thanks for sharing with us.