Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saving for a Rainy Day


A story I wanted to document for my grandson when he is forty!

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Rainy Day
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You went to school one day this week with a loose tooth.  You p
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for a

The journaling reads:

You went to school one day this week with a loose tooth.
You pulled it while you were there and they gave you a
little yellow treasure chest to keep it in so you would
not lose it. You were excited to show it to me when
you got off the bus. That night when your dad went
to tuck you in he handed you your tooth to tuck
under your pillow. You told him you did not want
to put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy! 
You said you wanted to save for a time when
you needed it. I do not think I have ever
heard of anyone saying this before. You
are always thinking about things before
you do them but this one surprised
everyone!                                  October 11, 2014

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Pat said...

Gorgeous LO & love that cute story!

Becky said...

Oh how I love that story. Tonight I found a paper from school where he told things that described him. Here was his list: I am 1) happy, 2) a Cub Scout, 3) a game person, 4) a guy with a loose tooth.... oh that was done the same day he lost the tooth. So funny! Great layout, love that picture!

Kelly R said...

now that is a priceless little story. lol! he is a planner for sure. Great job on this page. I like the b&w picture mixed with the color. the rainbow effect in the background is very neat too.