Tuesday, September 30, 2014


When I got my bike I had to learn how to ride it let alone ride a four mile trip! August 18 I made it the four miles. This photo was taken when I made the first two miles.

KPertiet_AdInspiration102712-cluster - Copy.png
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 4
When I got my bike I had to learn to ride all over as I had nev

The journaling reads:

When I got my bike I had to learn to ride all over as I had never before used
hand brakes  and gears. Also my body is so out of shape that riding any
distance was really challenging my body.  We have only rode the bike trail
a couple of times but this time I made the two miles to Boston Mills Road,
and the two miles back.  Hipp hipp hooray!!!!


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Pat said...

Congrats on the 4 miles!! You're looking good. Love the design of your LO & the way you did the LO!! Fabulous!

nylene said...

This is such a cute page. I'm proud of your 4 mile survival. That's a nice looking bike and a fabulous layout about it. Love the title with the quote through the center.
The black lines framing the page are wonderful! Great job.

Becky said...

What an awesome layout! Love your title - with the quote in the middle. Your pictures are living and everything just flows. Wonderful job!!!

Becky said...

I meant your pictures are lively! Bad typing today!