Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Grandson

When I saw this photo I knew, when I found this poem I knew!  They were meant to be together!

The poem reads:
Let me tell you about my grandson.
'Do you have all day'?
For once I get started,
there's so much I have to say!
If asked to describe him,
well, it's very easy to do.
For he's the kind of boy,
that endears himself to you!
He's warm, gentle and verykind,
with a wonderful wit and a verykeen mind!
A heart that's made out of gold,
always polite and never bold.
He can charm the birds right out ofthe trees
and possesses so many,fine qualities!
To sum it up, I'd have to say,
he's a wonderful boy in every way!

The poem is by Audrey Heller and I altered it slightly.
Products used are by Jana Morton, Katie Pertiet, Erica Zwart,
E. Merrit, B Bonn and Pattie Knox-retired. Thanks for looking!


Pat said...

This is awesome! Love the photo, colors & poem! WTG!

Pat said...

this is a test

nylene said...

What a great tribute to this young man. Can you imagine his feelings when he retreads this years down the road and realized how very loved he has been. Fabulous page, my friend!

Kelly R said...

The colors and the patterns work so well together. I really do love how you found a poem that really describes your little dgs. What a lovely lo and it is "all boy." Great work!