Friday, January 24, 2014

How I construct clusters.

I have been asked numerous times recently how I construct my clusters. I actually learned how to do clusters from Jana Morton classes and studying them in different galleries and layouts.   I usually start with a vertical element-I love using branches and stems, or a flourish, and sometimes a vertical shaped brush or paint. Twists work well vertically too. Then I go with what I want that goes with my layout-flowers, leaves or even a tag or label. When I use flowers I try to stay with odd numbers of them and stack them slightly. I need something horizontal to go above the vertical element. After that I tuck elements in that will look good and tie in with my page. Sometimes It will be a clock, or a heart, or a button or flair. Don't forget ribbon and bows. For digital pages I add drop shadows to every element so I have some depth and dimension.  That's it! I hope this helps.

Here’s an example: I used a brush by Erica Zwart as the base, then a vine and branches, and then four flowers by Jana Morton clustered together.

cluster example

Thanks for looking!

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Pat said...

Great tutorial & sample!