Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Heros

This is the story of my two paternal uncles who served in the Korean Conflict. A story that needed to be told for the furture generations.

The journaling reads:

War Heroes
This is the story of two of my paternal uncles who fought in the Korean Conflict. My Uncle Eddy-who my brother is named after-and my Uncle Will were both in Korea in the same place, same time. Eddy (Edwin) was in the Army, and Will (Wilford) was in the Marine Corp. There was a lot of fighting going on where they were at. Eddie was very near the explosion of a hand grenade and both of his legs were blown up and had to be amputated. Unfortunately he did not survive the injury. My Uncle Will buried him in the Korean ground. I have the letter that my Uncle Will wrote to his mother telling of the horror that occurred and killed his brother…her son.
Before being notified of what had occurred my paternal grandmother had a premonition. She saw a white rat dragging his back legs across her bedroom floor.
My Uncle Eddy died before I was born so I never knew him. I did have a chance to know my Uncle Will however. He passed away when I was twelve years old, from a heart attack. My grandmother had a premonition about him also before she found out he had passed away She said she saw him standing next to a car in the neighbor’s driveway waving goodbye to her as he got into a car. He was not in the vicinity of her home when he passed.
He was divorced from his wife Mickey and had two sons-James Michael and Thomas Edwin.
In my opinion both of them deserved purple hearts-one lost his life, one lost and buried his brother.

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Kelly R said...

wow cindy, what a story. war is terrible but glad you have some great stories to cherish. tfs!