Friday, June 17, 2011


I did the page for the Heritage Challenge over at Scrapping the Moments. It's picture of my great-grandfather's store that was on Howard Street in downtown Akron in the mid-1920's I believe. The journaling reads:

My Grandmother died in 1982 I inherited her cedar chest and all the photos inside of it! I did not know who most of them were. One day I was fortunate enough to get my Mother and Great Aunt-My Grandmother’s older sister, together and they identified as many of the photos as they could. Two generations and very helpful. This photo was included in the collection. It is a picture of my Great-Grandfather’s store on one of the main streets in downtown Akron. This photo was probably taken around the mid-1920‘s. I have no idea who the ladies in the store are.
We were friends with another lady who lived in Akron, and was born in 1899. She worked for the General Tire Company. She told me how everyone would walk to downtown Akron to Howard Street to do their special shopping on Saturday’s. She told us that was where you would find the special treasures-like oranges and other fresh fruits. Also candies and products they normally could not get elsewhere.
It makes me wonder did she go to this store? My Great-Grandfather’s store? Did he wait on her? Did she talk to him? How many people found their special treasures here. Special treasures on hard wood floors-baskets of fruit, cans of goodies-maybe smoked fish-Ahhhhhh fish from the ocean in Akron Ohio! What treasures were tucked safely behind the glass in the cases? Watches? Hair ribbons? A jeweled comb for your hair? Special lace for a young girl’s wedding gown? I could go on and on. I wonder……

Thanks for looking!

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Pat said...

Cindy this is so beautiful & the journaling is fantastic!!!