Monday, May 16, 2011

Ahhh The Heritage Challenge!

There are numerous challenges as you know over at Scrapping the Moments, and the new ones were posted yesterday. Believe it or not the relic here has decided to post a layout I did for the Heritage challenge. A photo of me in my junior year of high school! Yes I have humbled myself enough to do this! LOL! Have fun looking!

The journaling reads: Believe it or not when I went to school I was that quiet kid who only answered when I was sure of the right answer. I was not involved in extra-curricular activities as I usually babysitting after school. I did attend the football games in high school, but that was about it.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen this picture before - what an awesome layout! Great job - LOVE the flowers!

Pat said...

you are so pretty!! Love you lo!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!! And fantastic that you are scrapping yourself! Thanks for stopping by my blog Cindy, it was great to "see" you again. CM... Yes, that is best left as a distant memory... I believe I have you to thank for my position on the Sketch Support DT. It was a comment you made about one of my LO's that prompted me to investigate who you were talking about. So a huge THANK YOU!!