Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Elf is Missing!!!!

As you can see the elf is missing! Yes Maggie was in a panic on Friday as the elf Merry Stinky never made it to their house yet! She just knew it was Aunt Kellie's fault! Why you ask? Aunt Kellie picked up Merry Stinky Thursday and carried her around the room! She was unaware that you DO NOT TOUCH THE ELF!!!! Maggie is sure that Merry Stinky will never be back!
Stay tuned for more!


Pat said...

Too cute Cindy, I hope he returns Maggie!

Jennifer said...

Poor Maggie! I sure hope Merry Stinky returns soon! :)

itsabrt said...

Oh merry stinky please come back!!!1